How Difficult Is Commercial Construction?


While the construction phase of a commercial construction project may be the most difficult, our strong construction project management is the key element for a successful outcome as custom builders.

We have a proven track record for executing both large and small building design plans resulting in practical and well-engineered construction projects.

As custom builders we rely on our considerable expertise in value engineering solutions and value analysis for technically difficult projects that require a multitude of construction elements to merge into a successful end-product that turns out the way it was planned.

How do we deliver a superior construction?

  • Strong building design plans
  • Relentless construction observation
  • Full-service construction project management
  • Technical experience in all levels of construction
  • Excellent craftsmanship
  • Open communication

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Allow Us To Create Your Custom Commercial Building Design


As a commercial construction company we have experience in working on both commercial and industrial building design projects ranging from multi-family residences, apartment buildings, storefronts, office buildings and other related commercial structures that accommodate a broad range of business and industrial needs.

Our experience includes a wide variety of commercial construction design plans, sizes and architectural styles.

We provide expertise in creating master site building plans with all necessary engineering disciplines to complete the design. And as custom builders of commercial buildings we can carry out all of the elements to suit your requirements.

In creating a commercial design for commercial structures we pull together our integrated team of experts to take your project from start to finish. These are a few advantages you will experience when you allow us to create your custom design:

  • Innovative and creative design ideas
  • Project flexibility
  • Efficient turn-around
  • Collaboration within a single project team that delivers great quality with less risk

Call on us for custom design services that support and enhance your envisioned needs. And as custom builders we can also construct your business or retail facility as a single source responsible for all facets from design through construction.

Why Choose the Custom Builders at WestCoast Contracting, Inc.?


We have consistently followed a master plan in our commercial construction services that is based on a team approach from custom building design to actual construction by experienced custom builders.

Do you need help with your next commercial construction project? These are reasons to choose us as top-notch builders:

  • Team of skilled craftsmen
  • Deep roots in the custom building industry
  • Highly-rated as building contractors and builders
  • Delivery of finished project on-time and within budget
  • Reputation for high-quality workmanship
  • Competitive construction costs

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