For A Duplex House Design Call Us! We Design and Build!


Our design-build team has experience in crafting multi family homes plans and modern duplex house design concepts that are beautiful and functional.

Whether we are commissioned to translate your design concepts into reality, or to craft a design for one of many types of multi family homes, we are experienced in custom design solutions from development of the specifications through all stages of the design-build process to ensure a successful outcome.

Our experience has successfully led us through even the most challenging multi family complexes such as apartment construction with its many little details and normally very tight construction deadlines.

To bring about world class development, design and build services of both horizontal and vertical construction projects we:

  • Provide building design and layout
  • Select interior and exterior building finishes
  • Provide project management services for start-to-finish construction

Call WestCoast Contracting, Llc. for custom duplex, multi family and apartment construction design plans for a wide range of architectural styles and sizes.



One of the fastest growing segments in new residential construction over the last decade is multi family homes.

We believe that multi family house plans, modern duplex house design and apartment construction types can be delivered affordably with sophisticated spaces and features while delivering comfortable and individualized living units.

These are reasons to choose us to construct your multi family building system:

  • Our ability to manage all aspects of the job to ensure on-time completion
  • Superior materials that provide long-term durability
  • Team of skilled craftsmen
  • Competitive construction costs
  • Full-service project management

With our years of experience in new building design and construction, we have the team to develop a unique duplex house design or an exceptional apartment construction of superior quality, within budget and to your total satisfaction.

Call us today for additional information about our professional team, cutting edge design ideas and our commitment to high-quality construction.



Over the past five years apartment construction companies have experienced one of the fastest expansions in the multi family homes and complexes sector.

We have played a role as general contractors in duplex house design and construction of multi family homes and apartment complexes.

While construction of multi family residential complexes and apartments can be a stressful process with unanticipated challenges, as professionals we manage the entire project to the highest degree of quality to deliver a beautifully functional facility on-time and on-budget.

This is how we do it:

  • Emphasis on upfront planning
  • Tight monitoring and reporting controls
  • Excellence in partner alignment
  • High-quality control standards
  • Value analysis and value engineering services to provide the best ROI
  • Experienced project management

Call WestCoast Contracting, Llc. for construction of an apartment, a multi family residential complex, or a modern duplex house design. 425-207-5050