How Important Is It To Keep Tenant Improvement Up To Date?


As general contractors of complexes that are designed for rental or lease options, we are frequently called for tenant improvement construction design ideas, concepts and renovation to prepare for the needs of a new tenant.  We can also help the property owner comply with all Uniform Federal Accessibility Standards.

We understand that profitability is vitally important to a landlord. From time to time, landlord obligations call for improvements to:

  • Showcase their facilities to draw in new tenants
  • Broaden existing base and retain long-term residents with fresh updates
  • Assist in smarter leasing by responding to new trends and design options
  • Provide higher rental or lease income with innovative remodels

And for leasehold improvements or “build outs”, we can design and install customized alterations to suit the needs of a tenant and create efficient usable space in a rental dwelling.

While the needs of property owners may differ from tenants, we are experienced in balancing landlord obligations with affordable leasehold improvements that enhance the value of the property for the tenant while ensuring profitability for the property owner.

Call WestCoast Contracting, Llc. to help turn your tenant improvements into profitable investments with affordable construction by first class builders.

What Exactly Goes Into Making Leasehold Improvements?


Businesses generally require customization improvements to suit their specific needs.

You may be the property owner balancing the cost to meet landlord obligations with marketability improvements or that has an interest in tenant improvement construction to provide the best possible space for your tenant.

Or you may be the tenant looking for updates with trending design enhancements configured for your needs.

These are points of interest regarding leasehold improvements:

  • Landlords can increase the marketability of their lease or rental space
  • Considered an asset that qualifies for depreciation by the landlord over time
  • At lease termination they usually become the property of the owner without cost

Whether you are concerned with meeting landlord obligations or are ready to make tenant improvement enhancements, call on us and our excellent reputation for transformation of your rental area.



We share you desire to keep costs in check when tenant improvement construction is required to meet landlord obligations.

Whether we are providing leasehold improvements, ground-up construction, or tenant improvement, our commitment to providing an organized and streamlined project remains the same.

These are reasons to choose us to meet your obligations as a landlord, or for the design and construction of leasehold improvements:

  • Skilled and experienced craftsmen
  • Ability to coordinate all associated subcontractors for the job
  • Creative design team with focus on function and beautiful enhancement
  • High standard of work performance

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